Michelle Bader


 ~Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, and Educator

~Empowering women globally to reach their full entrepreneurial potential, working together to uncover the strength, beauty and power that lies within EVERY SINGLE WOMAN~

Why Michelle Bader?

Michelle the ENTREPRENUER ~ Michelle is a global business leader who has a passion for helping women become financially independent. Michelle has 12 years experience as a leader and team builder. She has successfully planned and implemented team building retreats and conferences,  led hundreds of presentations, and traveled globally to support her team and clients.


Michelle the Speaker~ Michelle is a professional keynote speaker who speaks on a variety of topics including leadership, faith, team building and overcoming adversity. Click on the Speaking tab to learn more and book Michelle for your next event.



Michelle the Author- Michelle has written and published a book called In Sickness and in Health- A Newlyweds Journey through Faith, Love and Cancer. In this true life story Michelle shares how cancer changes everything. Just a few months after a fairy-tale wedding and dream honeymoon, Luke and Michelle find out news that shatters their hopes and dreams for their once bright future. Luke has cancer. Michelle struggles with how to adjust to this new reality in addition to being a new wife. Luke’s road ahead is a difficult path. In this inspiring true story this young couple endures pain and hardships while their faith is strengthened and renewed. Journey with them as they live their vows and discover what it truly means to love in sickness and in health.


Michelle the Educator~ Michelle is a teacher with her Master’s in Education with an emphasis on reading and literacy. She has taught students of all ages in many capacities, She currently is using her teaching skills on an educational YouTube channel. Through her funny character Teacher Mandy Mushroom she teaches, letters and sounds in an entertaining and engaging way.

~Click below to see videos about how to balance it all, how to be an entrepreneur, mom and more~

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