Inadequacy is defined as lacking the quality or quantity required; insufficient for a purpose. Do you, like me ever have those days when you feel like you are not adequate to the expectations placed upon you either by yourself or others? Do thoughts run through your head of the failures you made throughout the day? I believe we all have these thoughts but what we do with them is up to us and no one else.

I have finally accepted the fact that I will never be able to feel adequate in all areas of my life and that is okay. When I finally accept that fact I am freed up to be who I am. This does not give me permission to sit back and relax, quite the opposite. It means that I give 100% every day to the tasks set before me and THEN rest my head on my pillow soundly at night knowing that I gave it my all and had nothing left to give.

Yesterday I went to the gym and ended my session as I always do, on the treadmill pushing myself to go as fast as I could for one mile. With each minute that passed I turned up the speed. Heart pounding violently in my chest, sweat dripping down my face, music blasting in my ears I looked at the time. I just might beat my last time” I thought to myself. “Push it Michelle” I screamed silently in my head. Faster and faster I went pushing my mental and physical capacities to the brink.

Suddenly I was at the one mile mark. I looked down disappointed to see I had only beat my past time by 1 minute. “One lousy minute” I thought, when it hit me, that one minute was better than I was yesterday, that one minute proved that I could raise my limit, that one minute was a marker of something much bigger. That one minute, though adequately inadequate for what I wanted was me at my best. Raw and real I accept the fact that all I can do is all I can do and all I can do is enough.

Today I challenge you to give all you can to each task placed before you. I challenge you to fight the debilitating thoughts in your head that tell you that you are not good enough or that you are inadequate in any way, shape or form. You were created for a life of abundance, not guilt about inadequacies. You were born to push yourself and do things you never thought possible but not lose yourself in guilt and shame along the way. Your worth is beyond measure and you are beautifully and adequately inadequate. YOU are enough.

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