In this busy time of year I believe it is extra important to take some quiet time to reflect on our lives. Where are we going? Who do we want to be? What impact do we want to make on the world? Right now, I have the very rare opportunity to be in my house ALONE. No noises filling the air, just the soft tick- tocking of the clock and I am alone with my thoughts. I could have turned on the TV or something mindless like that but I knew I wanted to be in the quiet to have time to reflect. As busy moms, we rarely have time, or actually make time to reflect. Our lives are filled with carpool, sports, household chores and busy jobs. Sometimes only in the silence can we hear and be real with ourselves. I recently finished an amazing book by John Maxwell called “Intentional Living” In this book he talks about doing an exercise where you write down all the things that you are good at and anything positive you can think of. I decided this rare time of solitude and silence would be an excellent time to do this.
I closed my eyes and searched my mind for things that I am good at, things that make me uniquely me. As I began to write the energy began to flow. I filled up a page with various things that I believe I am good at. If this exercise is hard for you John recommends asking those closest to you to help you come up with your list. He then says to go back and circle the one that you are the very best at. When you have that word, you know where your focus needs to be. When you know what makes you uniquely you, you can spend time on honing that skill and becoming the best you can be. I couldn’t decide which word to choose, so I settled on two. My words are passionate and determined. I feel they encompass everything else on the list. Now, what I do with this information will have a huge impact on my future. If I study more ways to become more effectively passionate and determined I know I can move mountains.
I love this exercise because I know too many times we try to focus on becoming good at multiple things and we are stretched so thin that we can never do things 100% in any one area. This has been especially true for me at times as I have added more responsibilities and things to my plate. Do we want to spend our lives going in 500 directions and never getting anywhere, or do we want to really hone in on our strengths and perfect them so we can be the most effective, productive people that we can be?
I challenge you to take some time and do this exercise. Find a quiet space, lock yourself in the bathroom, your closet or even your garage and take the time to discover your strengths, YOU my friend are worth it. Your time, energy and life are worth taking the time to determine what makes you uniquely you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and when you tap into your strengths I believe with my whole heart that you will be able to accomplish and become more that you ever imagined!

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