Michelle is a passionate professional keynote speaker who speaks on a variety of topics. Her favorite topics include overcoming adversity, leadership and team building. She spoke for the Unstoppable Women Conference in Raleigh, NC and the video from that event is below. If you would like tunstoppableo book her for an event please email her at michelle@whymichellebader.com or call 360-921-1642

Programs- Michelle offers a program about overcoming adversity. In this speech she goes into her real life story of her husbands battle with cancer, amputation and cirrhosis of the liver. She relays her inspiring story about her faith that got her family through this hard time.

Michelle also speaks about leadership- this entertaining program includes examples of how to not only be a leader but to raise those around you into leaders. Michelle uses her 12 years experience as a leader to teach others how to do the same thing.

Michelle loves to help others with team building! This workshop is all about bringing teams of people together. From small groups to large Michelle incorporates fun, bonding, hands on activities to build camaraderie. The program includes but is not limited to -breaking boards together to illustrate the power of breaking through current obstacles, ice breaker questions and activities that have to do with the organization, personality type quizzes and activities, team writing of a group mission statement and more.

Rates~ $2,500- $5,000 ( negotiable )



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