I have big dreams, tremendous goals and places beyond what I can fathom that I want to go in life. I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit though I didn’t tap into it until about 12 years ago. My biggest dream growing up was to be a stay at home mom. I dreamed of taking care of my babies and being very present in their lives. When it was time for college I decided on the career of being a teacher because I planned to stay home with my kids when they were little and I loved the idea of having the same hours and vacations as them. I graduated college and at the age of 22 had my first class! I loved it, it probably was my favorite year of teaching of all time. I was young, carefree and the world was my oyster!

I soon started dating my prince and a year later we were married. Life was great, it was all I had dreamed of! I was teaching Kindergarten and soon found out my ultimate dream would become a reality, I was going to have a baby! Unfortunately, life doesn’t always turn out how we plan..my husband soon became ill, was diagnosed with cancer and lost his leg. To say life changed is an understatement. My dream of staying home with my babies was crushed in an instant.

When my sweet Hayden was 6 weeks old I went back to work full time. Although I enjoyed teaching my heart was not fully in it as I wanted more than anything to be home with my baby. Many days I cried as my heart yearned to be home.

It was then that my entrepreneurial side came out. My pain of leaving my son was so great that I began to look for ways to make money from home. This is when network marketing came into my life. Now, I know some people only know the bad side of network marketing and avoid it like the plague. For these people I truly feel sorry because they do not know what they are saying no to. Unlike them I had no prior thoughts- positive or negative about the industry.

I began my own business without any previous experience. I was ignorance on fire. Deep inside me was a passion so strong to be with my baby that I left fear far behind and ran towards my goals. Daily I would envision what it would feel like and look like to stay home. As I focused on what I wanted big things began to happen. I accomplished my dream of replacing my income and being home. I built a team of leaders who like myself desired to be home or reach various other financial goals. This was my first taste of what it was like to set a big goal, accomplish it and help countless people along the way.

In some ways I would like to say that l lived happily ever after and reached every goal I ever set out to accomplish, that I never hit roadblocks, setbacks or fears. But if that was true I would never have become the person I am today. That first experience with network marketing taught me many skills that I have continued to use in many different places in my life. It was my first taste of what it is like to “ own my time” to not work paycheck to paycheck and to be on the way to being financially free.

Since then I have had triumphs and failures. I have soared with companies and I have had a companies fail me. I was involved with a company that I was very passionate about and was doing quite well. This company let me down in a big way and closed its doors to me. Crushed I said to myself “I will NEVER do network marketing again.” Within a day I realized that I should not let one bad company ruin my dreams! I decided that although this one hurt immensely it was all in God’s plan and He would bring me another opportunity.

Emails, texts and calls came flooding in from people wanting to recruit me to their companies. It was a very difficult time as I was still mourning the loss not only of my company but of the steps I had take to accomplish my dreams. I knew whatever I did I would have to start over. But I believe sometimes God does his biggest miracles when we are at our lowest and have no where but up to go.

I was soon introduced to Natural Health Trends Global. I was very excited about the possibilities but mostly about having a new home for my team who have become over the years my best friends. I jumped in quickly and began getting to work. It was very humbling to start over. Imagine being the CEO of your company and then starting at the bottom pay (well not quite as extreme but that is what it felt like to me) I started going through the motions and gathering team and clients.

Although I was going through the motions something was missing. Where was the fire I experienced 12 years ago? Where was the passion? One day it became very clear that I came to this company because my team did and I hadn’t yet owned it. I needed to KNOW that this is MY company, this is my long term future and this is the place that will take me to my dreams.

I began to research and spend time with myself asking the deep questions. My research led to complete belief in the products and the company. With 15 years under their belt and the #1 fastest publicly traded company in the world in 40 countries my belief is rock solid. So what has been still holding me back? What could it possibly be?

One four letter word with immense power~ FEAR! Like a ton of bricks I realized my fear is also my lack of FULL belief in myself. This was a hard thing for me to come to. I have always had pretty good self-esteem and have done all the right things to build belief in myself. I read the books, listen to the trainings and do my daily affirmations, but still something has been missing. In my 12 years I have done well with all the opportunities placed in front of me but have never accomplished the big dreams I have been working for. I have been standing on the cliff, afraid to fully jump off, afraid to fully believe in my dreams, afraid to fully and completely once again let go of my fear and have the passion and fire deep within that once burned so bright. Enough is enough. Today I jump off the cliff. Today I say goodbye to my fears, today I take a leap towards my dreams. Today is the day, not tomorrow, not next month, or next year. Today is my day and I will live it to the fullest and leave every piece of self doubt, every fear and jump into the unknown with full confidence that I can accomplish all my dreams because I am powerful, confident and full of passion. What is your cliff? Hold my hand, lock arms with me as we together leave our fears behind and begin to soar!

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